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115 Buitengracht Street

115 Buitengracht Street
Client: Delta Properties
Year: 2014 - 2015 Current
Location: CBD – Cape Town
Sub-Sector: Retail

2014 – 2015 (Current)
• Facade – R2 Million
• Internal Refurbishment – R 15 Million

Situated in the City Centre, this landmark building has previously housed a printing press and more recently the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA). The entire internal and external spaces are being redecorated, with the external facades being repainted, with resealing around all existing windows and expansion joints.


Blue Route Mall, Tokai, Cape Town

Blue Route Mall
Client: Fountainhead Properties
Year: Current
Location: Tokai – Cape Town
Sub-Sector: Retail

2014-2015 (Current)
• New wind lobbies and apron upgrade – R5 Million


• Enabling Works – R30 Million
• New Mall – R850 Million
• Parking & road widening – R6 Million


• Hyperama roof replacement

BFH de Jager Project Managers has successfully been providing a project management and contract administration service for the construction of the new Blue Route Mall in Tokai Cape Town.

Planning of this new centre started in 2004 when Fountainhead Properties noted that the local market had evolved substantially and that this area had matured to an extent that an entirely new kind of retail and lifestyle facility has become appropriate and indeed in demand.

The new mall, now complete, provides the current loyal customer and tenant with an aesthetically pleasing modern mall, which stands proud amongst other malls in the Western Cape. The new 56,600m2 GLA retail centre, accommodating eight new cinemas, a magnificent glazed food court overlooking the panoramic views of the Constantiaberg Mountains, is, to say the least, just spectacular. The two levels of retail are anchored by a 5000m2 Woolworths and a 4000m2 Edgars, both trading on two levels.

The parking layout has been massively simplified with on-grade parking to be provided directly in front of the mall's two main entrances, where the old mall previously stood. Undercover parking with dedicated escalators accessing the mall is also provided. There will be a total of 3000 bays on completion where previously there were only 2114.

From the outset BFH de Jager Project Managers has managed the team, co-ordinating and chairing the design development and bringing the design into the documentation, ensuring the client's and local community's needs and objectives are continuously met.

BFH de Jager Project Managers has been actively involved in this property since 2004/05 when we project managed the construction of the new parking deck with 300 parking bays, refurbished the malls and converted the lower ground floor area into a new shopping mall with line shops. In 2008/09 we undertook to replace large sections of roofing over the mall, including the Checkers Hypermarket area of 15 000m2.

We are proud to have handed over a spectacular property to our client, completed mall, ample parking and attractive gardens and relaxing areas for customers


Howard Centre, Pinelands, Cape Town - Parkin Garage Refurbishment

Howard Centre Pinelands
Client: Fountainhead Properties
Year: Current
Location: Pinelands
– Cape Town
Sub-Sector: Retail

2014 – 2015 (Current)
• Parking & Shopping Centre Extension – R14 Million

(Project & Construction Management)
• New parking deck and Roof covering R20 Million

One of the few shopping centres in Pinelands and a huge demand for parking has demanded some changes in the parking area of this very popular mall. Our client is now taking the opportunity to upgrade the Parking garage and improve the aesthetics to align it with the mall concept. We are making use of the existing structure to clad the sides of the parking garage with grey louvres and then install a roof over the 2nd floor, in order to provide additional covered parking.

The façade will be further enhanced by incorporating pack stone panels and shade awnings. The cost efficiency will be greatly improved with solar panels, creating new efficient lighting. The entrance will be improved with new walls and lobby incorporation as well as the installation of a new lift.

The paid-parking of some 420 bays, all under cover, comprises a capital investment of approximately R14M The project current and due for completion in May 2014.

Kenilworth Centre, Kenilworth, Cape Town

Kenilworth Centre
Client: Fountainhead Properties
Year: Current
Location: Kenilworth – Cape Town
Sub-Sector: Retail

2014-2015 (Current)
• Vault Relocation – R2 Million
• Parking deck refurbishment – R15 Million
• HVAC replacement / cooling towers – R58 Million

• New Game extension, food court extension, general refurbishment, new Virgin Active
• Slab in-fill & food court alteration – R1.5 Million

• New Parking & retail
• Shopping centre refurbishment

Acting as both Project Manager and Principal Agent, BFH de Jager once again returns to Kenilworth Centre to oversee three projects running concurrently. We are proud to have been affiliated with this successful mall for over 20 years. Already complete, is a R40M replacement of the HVAC system. This extensive project will be affecting most of the tenants, forcing contractors, tenants and consultants to work hand in hand, at all hours of the day and night, ensuring that the customer continues to enjoy a safe and pleasant shopping experience.

Due to energy efficient equipment with a substantially reduced carbon footprint, the Centre will, on completion, boast a state of the art heating, cooling and fresh air installation, providing increased volumes of cool and fresh air.

In January 2014, work commenced to repair and refurbish the 3 parking decks at Kenilworth Centre. With a value of approximately R20M, this Civils contract will include redoing expansion joints, re-waterproofing of the slabs, new premix and spalling repairs.

After an extensive design process, the work for a R150M expansion project at Kenilworth Centre has commenced. Kenilworth Centre is one of the oldest shopping centres in the Western Cape, with the original structure being erected over 40 years ago. This ever popular centre has had many add-ons over the decades and this expansion project will now ensure a wider range of specialist shops in the centre. The rationalising of parking, as well as the addition of parking decks, ramps and bridges, reflecting a moat around a castle, will greatly enhance the traffic patterns in and around the centre, easing parking for shoppers. Also included in this refurbishment will be the installation of the new innovative electronic parking assists, providing customers with a schedule of available parking locations on their mobile phones.


The Towers (Merriman Square), Cape Town

Blue Route Mall
Client: Redefine
Year: Current
Location: Cape Town
Sub-Sector: Retail

2014 – 2015 (Current)
• Façade Refurbishment of 2 towers , New 13 story adjoining Parking Garage , upgrade of internal lift lobbies and 5 levels of basement parking – R550 Million
• Vault Relocation – R2 Million

Based in the City Centre, the extremely dated façades of the two Towers are to be upgraded. In addition to this, there is a new parking garage being constructed and the offices are to be refurbished to create a AAA rentable block. The budget for this project stands in excess of R 700 million.

The contract commenced with rationalising of space to accommodate the tenant’s requirement on vacating the link between the two buildings and incorporating a temporary entrance during construction.

The upgrade of the facade commenced in January 2014 with double glazed curtain walling to the 1st floor to roof, with a projecting cill detail giving an interesting relief and character to the building. The reduced heat load from double glazing will result in efficiencies in air-conditioning and energy consumption.

Work to the parking garage has commenced, with the strengthening of the existing structure, before the additional 10 floors can be added. An outdoor facility will be provided under a portion of the structure, with a restaurant and shop.

Southern Sun, Cape Sun, Cape Town

Blue Route Mall
Client: Southern Sun Hotel Interests (Pty) Ltd
Year: 2009 - Current
Location: City Centre – Cape Town
Sub-Sector: Hotel and Tourism

2014 – 2015 (Current)
• Parking Garage Conversion – R24 Million

• Façade Refurbishment R4.5 Million 2005 – 2009
• Refurbishment executive suites

The Cape Sun has been scheduled for a major face lift for some time and the 1st phase of this process will be the adding of sorely needed parking for the hotel.

Dating back to the 1980’s, the Golden Acre was the hub of the Cape Town CBD, with the underground arcade, the Sun Gallery, being the preferred pedestrian route for many office workers, allowing them to peacefully stroll the arcade, window shop the wares of exclusive shops, far away from the snarl and pollution of traffic on the busiest intersection in the CBD. After the turn of the century, with the hub of Cape Town moving towards the V&A Waterfront, foot traffic dropped and safety became an issue. A decision was then made to close the arcade. This arcade is to now be converted into a parcade, with the existing shops and escalators being stripped and the space converted into a 100-bay parking garage.

This is a technically demanding conversion, requiring creative planning processes to utilise the space, streamline the over 15 specialist services that reticulate in this basement, whilst continuing to stay within the boundries of a demanding Health and Safety and Fire regulatory framework.

Protea Coin, Cape Town

Blue Route Mall
Client: Protea Coin
Year: 2014 - 2015 Current
Location: Northen Suburbs – Cape Town
Sub-Sector: Security

2014 – 2015 (Current)
• Refurbishment (waterproofing & general construction ) – R 5 Million

Situated in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town, the waterproofing work to the flat roofs and walls of the Protea Coin building has recently been completed. This works also included, but not limited to, the painting of the external structures. Internally, emergency lighting will be installed and work is about to commence to the mechanical ventilation and the fire proofing of this complex.

SARS, Bellville, Cape Town

Blue Route Mall
Client: SARS
Year: 2014 - 2015 Current
Location: Bellville – Cape Town
Sub-Sector: Revenue Services

2014 – 2015 (Current)
• Façade and roof refurbishment (waterproofing & general Construction) – R 5 Million

BFH de Jager Project Managers is providing a project management service on the waterproofing works at the Bellville SARS building.

Extensive remedial work has been carried out on the flat roofs and a series of structural steel components have been introduced to ease access across the myriad of flat and pitched roofs. As a second phase to this project, all existing external elevations will be repaired and repainted.

Past Projects:

Southern Sun, Waterfront Hotel, Cape Town

Blue Route Mall
Client: Southern Sun Hotel Interests (Pty) Ltd
Year: 2005 - 2013
Location: V&A Waterfront Enterance - Cape Town
Sub-Sector: Hotel and Tourism

BFH de Jager Project Managers is appointed as principal agents and projects managers. We are also doing contract administration services for the latest phase of this project.

Renovations to this property has been undertaken over several phases, starting in 2005 to current.

Phase 1:
Timber decking to the pool area, facilitating the outdoor extension of the dining component and the refurbishment of the public meeting rooms.

Phase 2:
Renovation of the ground floor public areas and 60% of the standard bedrooms.

Phase 3:
Completed the balance of the standard bedrooms, the upgrading of the 24 executive rooms and the three suites as well as all the passages and lift lobbies.

Phase 4:
Upgrading of all back of house areas, staff accommodation, canteens and laundry services.

Phase 5:
Transformed the large enclosed space, occupied by the old restaurant, into an open ambient space with customized furnishings, specialized lighting, a variety of wall and column finishes. The flow of the floor, as similar eclecticism is evident in the way in which the visual impact of the predominantly light tiles are broken by the incorporation the rich inlays in carpeting, timber, stainless steel and stone.

The final phase is to rejuvenate the outdoor space around the pool with the introduction of artificial grassed areas and natural stone finishes. The logistics of carrying out the renovations alongside the hotels normal operations has without doubt proven to be the single biggest challenge that was successful overcome by BFH de Jager Project Managers.


N1 City Mall, Cape Town

Blue Route Mall
Client: Fountainhead Properties
Client: Acucap Investments (PTY) Ltd
Year: 1995 - 2010
Location: Goodwood, Cape Town Sub-Sector: Retail

1995 - 2005
• New drainage system – civil engineering

2005 – 2009
• Shopping centre extension & refurbishment

• Mall & food court refurbishment – R2 Million

BFH de Jager Project Managers are working as principal agents, project managers and doing the contract administration services for the internal mall upgrade on the N1 City Mall.

Since the initial development about a quarter century ago, N1 City Mall has unrelentingly re-invented itself with BFH de Jager Project Managers being there every step of the way.

The first major alterations were undertaken in 1995, when two 5,000m2 retail blocks and an elevated parking deck, were added.
In the year 2000 we replaced the 5000m2 entertainment centre’s “feature” roof structure, with minimal disruption to the usual day to day running of the mall.

In 2001 a new banking mall was added and several changes made to the main entrances.

In 2005 BFH de Jager Project Managers, appointed as client representative, undertook the food court extension and major alterations to the old parking decks that were not conducive to consumer traffic. The resulting new design, linked grade and upper level parking resulted in one smoother action, making the first floor more accessible. The retailers therefore instantly benefitted from the easily reached and expanded food court connection.

Our most recent work was a refurbishment of the food court and re-engineering the ablution facilities with new provision for families, disabled and baby change/feeding rooms.



Bayside Shopping Centre

Blue Route Mall
Client: Acucap Investments (PTY) Ltd
Year: 2010 - 2012
Location: Milnerton – Cape Town
Sub-Sector: Retail

2010 -2013
• Centre refurbishment, new Game, new Dischem, new parking – R150 Million

BFH de Jager Project Managers is providing project management, tenancy co-ordination and contract administration services on the alteration and additions to the existing shopping centre.

The development comprises two levels of parking, accommodating 900 parking bays and 10,000 square meters of new retail and commercial space.
Throughout the process BFH de Jager Project Managers has led the team, co-coordinating and chairing design, site, tenant co-ordination and management meeting. The accuracy and control of this information has ensured the client’s needs and objectives are continuously met.

Detailed programming undertaken by BFH de Jager Project Managers, allowed the project to be constructed in several phases – enabling the existing centre to trade efficiently throughout the project period.

Project constraints were overcome through unique solutions engineered by BFH de Jager Project Managers, with the construction of the new banking mall, above the existing 3500m2 trading Edgars store as well as the construction of the new 5000m2 Game, over sailing the existing ground floor banking mall, during construction.

The refurbishment was extremely complex from a design, project management and construction point of view, since we had to work around the shopping centers normal functions/day to day trading of the centre.

Helderberg Hyper, Somerset West, Cape Town

Blue Route Mall
Client: Fountainhead Properties
Year: 2013 - 2014
Location: Somerset West
– Cape Town
Sub-Sector: Retail

• New Value Centre – R200 Million

Situated in Somerset West, our client is investing in excess of R210 Million with the construction of a new 20 000m2 shopping mall.

Anchor Tenants are Checkers Hyper, House and Home and Stor-Age, with an additional 24 line shops. On-grade parking will be provided.

The mall lighting will comprise LED lights, powered by solar panels which are incorporated into the roof, effectively reducing all running costs. The local roads will be upgraded incorporating pavements, circles, taxi bays and new street lighting.


Tsogo Sun  

Souther Sun Cullinan

2005 – 2009

  • 225 Room refurbishment, conference rooms, restaurant, pool area
  • Refurbishment of hotel facade

Southern Sun Waterfront

2005 – 2009

  • 550 Room refurbishment, ground floor, new conference rooms, new reception, pool area


  • Restaurant Refurbishment – R2.5 Million
  • External Façade Refurbishment – R2.3 Million

Southern Sun Caledon

2005 – 2009

  • Internal room and bathroom  refurbishment

Southern Sun Eastern Boulevard

2005 – 2009

  • 294 Bedroom refurbishment

Southern Sun De Waal Drive

2005 – 2009

  • 136 Bedroom refurbishment

Southern Sun Kings Beach

2005 – 2009

  • 250 Room refurbishment
  • 100 Bathroom refurbishment

Southern Sun Newlands Terrace

2005 – 2009

  • Room & conference centre refurbishment
  • New parking garage
  • Parking and office block extension

Southern Sun Stay Easy (Century City)

2005 – 2009

  • Hotel extension
Additional Projects Pre 2005  
Name of Project Description
Cleary Park, Port Elizabeth Shopping centre refurbishment
Shell House Refurbishment &parking conversion
ABSA Cash Depot New Factory
UCT Moot Court New law faculty court room
Wesbank House Refurbishment & parking conversion
UCT Health Sciences Learning Centre Refurbishment & conversion
Steenberg Estate Staff Housing Housing
GZL Factory Industrial
House Goebel Luxury housing
Roodehek Apartments Luxury apartment block
Furneaux Apartments Luxury tower block and pool
Berties Landing Tourvest Tenant Installation
Woolworths West Street (Dbn) Refurbishment
CPOA Constantia Place New frail care centre
New Apostolic Church, Tafelsig New church complex
House Botha – Erinvale Luxury housing
Beaconvale Factory Units Refurbishment
I&J House Refurbishment
Bridgewater Production Plant (UK) New plant & offices
Aylesham Production Plant (UK) New warehouse & offices